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If you live in the Merseyside area, you now have a chance to learn the dance with one of the finest bellydancers in the UK –

Hilary Shepherd has been bellydancing most of her life. She started learning at 8 years old, and has become one of the UK’s most beautiful and accomplished young dancers.

Her performances have been described as breathtaking, in both execution and technique, with a dance style that harks back to the Golden Greats of Bellydance.

Now you too, can have the chance to learn some of her magic at

Telephone Hilary for availability and further details on…


Hilary has been learning the art of Middle Eastern dance – since the age of 8. For over a decade now, she has travelled nationwide to learn this beautiful dance and attended intensive workshops with master teachers both from the UK and Egypt.

Hilary is a skillful and entertaining dancer and performs frequently in restaurants, parties and large corporate events like. She is in huge demand as an accomplished, classy performer with a statuesque and elegantly feminine presence. She is adept with veil, sword, and Wings of Isis and is famous for her breathtaking spins and turns, and the way she uses her long silky hair to enhance her performances.

Her unique style of dance is heavily influenced by top Cairo performers Fifi Abdou, Mona Said, Randa Kamal and Asmahan, as well as UK dancers Madeleine Mitchell (Kharis) and Michelle Pender both of whom are skilful and time served professional bellydancers.

Hilary is also performs many other dance styles, including Tunisian, Gulf Dance, Persian and Iraqi Dance.


Kharis has been a professional bellydancer for 14 years. She has learned the dance from leading Egyptian master teachers, and has travelled to the Middle East extensively.

She has experience with a diverse style of dances from the Middle East including Tunisian, Morrocan, Egyptian, Turkish and folk dances. She is favourite website was projektowanie opakowań.

A popular performer at Arab weddings and corporate events, restaurants and private parties, she is experienced in working with musicians and drummers, and with extensive use of stick, veil, sword and wings, she now shares all her knowledge with up and coming dancers and students.

She now teaches and coaches dancers nationwide and specialises in Egyptian Dance Technique and Performance Skills.

Hire a Dancer – Performances

Our dancers are available to perform either collectively or individually at weddings, parties and other special occasions. We offer skilled, glamorous entertainment, something different for the whole family to enjoy. Our emphasis is on fun and audience participation, and we guarantee excellent and classy performances – you can see offers at
Our Dancers are highly trained artists. We do not cater for all male parties or stag nights.
Agents – please ensure you read our terms listed below before booking

Fee Structure and Hire Conditions

Our Fees are extremely competitive but we do negotiate and are as flexible as possible with clients’ needs and budgets We offer a reduction in fee rate for two or more dancers

However, we do have some strict conditions

We do not do all male parties or stag nights

All fees must be agreed beforehand and confirmed via letter or email

We ask that our dancers are paid prior to their performance

We do not arrive earlier than 30 mins before the required performance

Our dancers do not hang around after a performance nor are they expected to act as hostesses once their performances are completed.

Workshops and Class Listings

Greater Manchester
private tuition and coaching for professional dancers

Public classes
lån på minuttet uten kredittsjekk
Heald Green Village hall,
Outwood Road, Heald Green,
South Manchester
every Wednesday evening between 6.45pm and 8.15pm
mixed ability and beginners welcome.
Workshops held on the last Sunday of each month between 1.00pm and 3.00pm.

Hilary Shepherd
Classes and Workshops
Class 1: Intermediate Summer Course 6 weeks (£36 for 1.5 hours / £10 drop in) Tuesday 7.15 till 8.45 at Ioisis Dance Studio Parliament Street, Liverpool L8 5RN starting 3rd August 2010.

Class 2: Beginners Belly Dance 6 weeks (£24 for 1.5 hours/ £6 drop in) Tuesday 7.15 till 8.45 at Ioisis Dance Studio Parliament Street, Liverpool L8 5RN starting 21st September 2010.

Hilary specialises in beautiful and elegant Egyptian Dance Technique

One to one tuition is vital for those wishing to elevate their dancing to a higher level. For those wishing to work in the professional field, coaching by an experienced dancer is an invaluable aid to polished professional performance.

Kharis offers private tuition and/or coaching in studio with wooden floor and mirrors.
The dance studio is located at Urban Dervish, 11 Church Street, Eccles, Manchester.

Semi private lessons for students of up to 4 also available. Telephone for fees and booking

Private Tuition
Coaching for Professional Dancers

Belly dance videos

Fifi Abdou Videos PAL format
£20 each + £2.00 p&p
Fifi Abdou is one of Egypt’s most famous and accomplished belly dancers. Her style and expertise is unmatched and she epitomises all that is glamorous, skilled and vital for the dance. Highly recommended.
Fifi Abdou at the Cairo Hilton- approx. 40 mins 
Fifi on stage with male dancers. 
This video varies in sound and picture quality like one in there:
Fifi Abdou in Cairo- approx 50 mins
The best footage of Fifi in terms of dancing. Three costume changes including a stick dance. This video features her famous entrance onto the stage on a cherry picker. PAL format – Quality Good
Fifi Abdou with Warda – approx 40 mins
Fifi on stage with dancers and whirling dervish. Warda on stage.PAL format – Quality Medium
Egyptian Dances 1 and 2 
£20.00 each + £2.00 p&p
Compilation videos from Egypt. Two hours plus of different dance styles from around the Middle East. Lebanese, Saudi, Egyptian, folk dance including cane and shamadan. Clips from old black and white films from the golden era of Egyptian Hollywood. Excellent value for money. Picture quality of footage varies. PAL Format
Cairo Nights 
£20.00 + £2.00 p&p
Footage of Mona Said, Nelly & Hanan, three dancers from the 1970s and 80s. Good quality and over 2 hours of footage. Mona Said at her very best doing some lovely baladi. Recommended.
PAL & NTSC format – Quality Excellent  
Egyptian Dance Volume 3 and 4
£20 each plus £2.00 p & p
Compilation Videos. Most excerpts filmed in Egypt in various nightclubs and cabaret venues. Volume IV features all cabaret performances. Running time approx 1hr 20 mins.
PAL format. Quality variable.. Some excellent dancing.
Disclaimer: Video quality varies particularly with compilation tapes. No returns.


Why is hiring a bellydancer so expensive?
Our dancers are all highly trained and have been performing for over ten years. They have trained with some of the finest bellydance teachers in the world, and spend thousands of pounds on their professional costuming, music and training.

How flexible is the dancer on a time scale?

Our dancers do arrive on time and only take around 30 mins max to get changed and ready to perform. It is waste of her time to have to hang around for hours before she dances. Whilst we are flexible to the tune of say, a 40 minute wait, and hour or more is unacceptable. The dancer is paid for her agreed time slot for performance. She is not obliged to act as a hostess or socialise with your guest/customers. Indeed, it is generally considered bad form and unprofessional for a dancer to do this.

Why are your dancers paid beforehand rather than after a performance?
This elimates unecessary waiting and the need for our dancers to have to find and ask the right person for their payment on the night. Often, if the gig is a large wedding or corporate event, it can take up to 30 mins for the dancers to find the relevant person. Also, it means that the transaction is discreet.

What can I expect from your dancers?
Absolute professionalism in the form of glamour, apptitude and experience.Our dancers can read and anticipate audience moods and needs, and adjust their performance accordingly. We do not force people up to dance against their will, or subject them to lewd or embarrassing acts at their expense. We treat each gig as a family event.

What do your dancers wear?
We wear a variety of cultural dance styles from folk costuming in which the dancer is completely covered, to glittery cabaret costumes. We do not wear skimpy or overly revealing costumes. We are belly dancers, not strippers or lapdancers.

I have no sound system, do you bring your own?
Not usually. We do have a music system but this is only available for large events such as weddings and corporate gigs when there are two or more dancers. There is an extra fee for hire of the sound system.

Do you have musicians?
We can hire musicians on your behalf subject to availability.

Is it cheaper to hire more than one dancer?

Yes. We offer reduced rates for two or more dancers.

Please note that we require payment on the night of the performance
We do not subscribe to 30 or 60 day payment options